Chris Hansen Wants You to Pay for Him to Keep Hitting on Sex Offenders

Famed sexter and former To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen isn't letting a lawsuit or a scandal or losing all his money get him down . Especially not when he can have yours instead. Tomorrow, Hansen will launch a Kickstarter campaign for a new series that is apparently not a joke: Hansen vs. Predator. » 4/14/15 6:10pm 4/14/15 6:10pm

Vet Says Veterans' Suicide Line Repeatedly Put Him on Hold

It's been nearly a year since last year's audit detailing just how dire things are for veterans in need of medical attention , and apparently, not all that much has changed. According to veteran Ted Koran, he recently called the VA's suicide hotline only to be be put on hold for up to ten minutes at a… » 4/14/15 1:33pm 4/14/15 1:33pm

Eighth Grader Charged With Felony for Changing Teacher's Desktop

Another devious, young techno-wiz was placed safely behind bars this past Wednesday after authorities say he deftly "hacked into his school's secure computer network" by guessing the password (his teacher's last name). The crime? Changing the desktop background to two dudes kissin'. The punishment? Arrest on felony… » 4/10/15 11:15am 4/10/15 11:15am

Report: Hillary Overlooked Labor Violations After Millions in Donations

In 2011, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton publicly lauded a Colombian free trade agreement—the same deal she'd condemned as being bad for labor rights back in 2008. So why the change of heart? According to a report from the International business Times, it could be because the country's largest oil company was… » 4/09/15 4:31pm 4/09/15 4:31pm

Edward Snowden Thinks Your Password Sucks

Earlier this week, Ed Snowden sat down with John Oliver in what turned out to be his first real, substantive interview since his stint in Russia began. Now, Last Week Tonight has released an extra clip in which Snowden offers us all a few, handy security tips. First and foremost: Your password probably sucks. » 4/09/15 12:10pm 4/09/15 12:10pm

Arkansas Lawmakers Believe Medically-Induced Abortions Are "Reversible"

Just as several states now legally obligate doctors to lie to women about the dangers of abortion, Arkansas now has its own law forcing doctors to peddle bullshit. Physicians in the state will be required to tell any woman taking abortion-inducing drugs that she can reverse the process mid-treatment—a claim that's… » 4/08/15 3:57pm 4/08/15 3:57pm

Jeb (Pronounced "Heb") Bush Registered as a Hispanic Voter in 2009

There are 14.7 million registered Hispanic voters in the United States—but only one of them is the WASP scion one of our country's foremost conservative dynasties. Yes: John Ellis "Jeb" Bush, the Connecticut-bred president's son and president's brother (and distant relative to the actual British monarchy) is—according… » 4/06/15 10:50am 4/06/15 10:50am

Reviews of an Etsy Seller Who Poses Dead Mice As Pop Culture Icons

Beneath Etsy’s glitter-soaked, hand-stitched paisley exterior lies some of the weirdest, darkest wares the internet can offer. And in one of thee seedy offshoots, you will find some of the world’s biggest pop culture icons in the form of amateur, taxidermied mice. And people fucking love ‘em.
» 4/01/15 11:50am 4/01/15 11:50am